Day 1 of my 365

I am using this blog as personal public diary to document my 365 photo project journey. I also read somewhere that having a blog is the thing to do if you want to be taken seriously and so here it is. I plan to use this as a forum to identify mistakes that I make throughout this journey and to remind me what not to do. I am actually on Day 9 and am backtracking at this point, so mistake no #1. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all non photography stuff that I still have yet to take today’s picture and I am out of light. I will go more in depth with tips and tricks that I have uncovered along the way using wordpress, smugmug and facebook and then trying to pull them altogether while building my portfolio.

Todays picture was just to get the ball rolling and all that I was somewhat inspired by while at my childs flag football practice. The leading lines from the bleachers and how this mother carried herself intrigued me for this quick shot. No editing save for minor temp adjustments. If I were serious about this photo, I tried to wait for the people to clear out behind her but more people just kept coming in. Hardly ever works out.


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