Day 10 of 365


On the way out to the kids game, I decided to try and get a pano shot but it was freezing so I had to hurry. Well it was 62 F, which is Florida freezing, the wind chill factor was probably about 36 F.

I was too close to the edge on this which totally cut out in the middle, plus I know I am not doing it right. I imagine a good pano is taken from a distance but I always want to engulf myself in it and show a 180. This is something I never really plan on getting good at, I just like to take them on occasion. Even though there is probably a market for island pano’s here and call it art. If I were to take this photo again, I would try closer to the evening to see if I can get enough light under the bridge but also a richer sky.

All I do is take my ghetto targus tripod and tilt camera sideways, shoot left to right and then tell photoshop to stitch them altogether. I then resend it to lightroom for the final touches because the less photoshop the better.


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