Day 11 of my 365 Photography Adventure

attempt2I envisioned this yesterday after completing my day 10 photo. I am starting to think ahead and plan a little. This was a put together grandfather clock kit from the sixties or seventies, I have no idea. It has sat around for awhile and developed a nice patina making it irresistible for photography. I had my grandson over and I easily put two and two together.

This one took a little setup with a raking flash umbrella at the top right and another speed light in the cabinet. Where I went wrong at first was thinking I needed a long focal length and result was below. I didn’t like the feel of it and went back in for round two. I should have thought of this first but going wide distorts perception and can give a surreal look which is what I wanted from the beginning. The uninspiring original:attempt

My model actually started getting fussy with me and having a mental breakdown so I put everything away thinking I hadn’t got the shot I wanted. I kept trying to get the right amount of light to come through the crack and he barely gave me anytime to shoot it. I was frustrated thinking I was so close and almost there but nobody is helping me. Albeit I would never take it out on the little one but no one else was safe. Luckily I am married to a very understanding woman and kids are supposed to hate their parents. I kid, I kid. I am very happy with what I accomplished today.


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