Day 13 of my 365 Photography Adventure


I am very pleased with the end result on this even though I didn’t think I had enough light and time to get this shot in. We were rushing home from grocery shopping and I was debating or not whether I wanted to go to this location but it’s just one of those shots I had to get out of my system. I have provided the 3 originals that I used to make this shot so you can get a sneak peak in how I created it. Some people could do all this in photoshop but I have gotten so used to lightroom that all I use photoshop is to merge the photos together. Then I export and dodge and burn and color adjust in lightroom. A quirky system I imagine some would think but it is the quickest for me and right now its all about getting the image out to meet my daily quota.

This was the foundation layer in which I had a speed light and umbrella in the well to light it up.


I was thinking about going a different direction with the next shot but I decided to leave him out of the well. I still used the shot however for the lighting around the well that highlights the brick textures.


I am back on the diet so hopefully that gut won’t be in too many more pictures. The next shot was the only salvageable shot I had of him outside the well because my shutter speed was so low that he was “ghosting.”


After combining, the only thing I did was play with exposure adjustments in lightroom to create shadows and highlights to make it look more realistic. For instance, I increased the exposure on the grand baby’s edge and hair to make it look like the light from the well was hitting him. Then I darkened what would be the far side of him and the back of his head.

I am worried I won’t be able to top myself from here on out but I guess that is the whole point of doing this.


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