Day 15 of my 365 Photography Adventure


Woke up feeling nauseous this morning and figured since I was up, I would go downtown and take pictures. On my way out I figured since I was so close to one of the kids school, might as well take her. If she wasn’t excited enough to not have to ride the bus, I stopped by Dunkin Donuts and got her some donuts and coffee.

Two reasons I went out today was to accomplish two goals, ask a complete stranger if I can take their portrait and practice some street photography. I waited until the last possible minute to ask because it is surprising how much one can fear rejection. Turns out the first one I asked said no and it was a little awkward but I quickly moved on to the next person. She was cleaning tables and barely wanted to sit down to have her photo taken but she did and I think you can see some of the reluctance.


That is the whole point of going out so I can see firsthand, how I am going to mess up and avoid it in the future. It is very hard for me to focus on the details of what shutter speed, focal length, aperture, iso, flash or no flash and at the same time, make sure my model is posed correctly. I wish I would have gotten the whole background of the diner because they totally retroed it out.

On the way out from taking the feature image, you can see a couple in the background and I got a separate shot of them. I always find it humorous that my generation and all those after are stuck on their phones instead of engaging with each other.


And then just one more of the Manatee County administrative building. Very hard lighting and I waited for a while for someone to enter the frame like I wanted but it didn’t happen so I just left with what I had even though I could have posed for it.



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