Change of Pace, When I Can & Whenever

I am about to get back into it again and I am constantly going through waves of inspiration and creativity. The lull I just went through of what appears to be a couple months doesn’t mean I wasn’t taking pictures. The original wall I hit was a 2 day event and after editing hundreds of images, the last thing I wanted to do was sit at my desk. Hence the blog fell behind and I went to my sad place. I am here writing this now, standing in the light at the end of the tunnel, to inform what few people that are no longer following that I will be posting again but periodically. I created some amazing stuff under pressure of having to do a photo a day but having failed actually put me off of photography. Obviously not what I was striving for.

I have been all over the place as in what I have been shooting. My goal lately has been to capture the island in all of its glory. Our little island doesn’t offer too much as far as family entertainment but its loaded with vacation rentals and local businesses. It is a home away from home for most and a taste of island life without the hullabaloo.





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